For Pet Owners

For Pet Owners in Tucson, Arizona

Pets are sensitive to foods and chemicals that humans are not. Some of the foods could be deadly. Do not feed your pets chocolate, grapes, raisins, coffee, tea, animal fats and fried foods, macadamia nuts, walnuts, tomatoes, avocados, salt, sugar and corn syrup.Pet owners should consider their pets when they buy a spot remover.

Spot removers can cause severe liver and kidney damage to your pet, specifically those with Butoxyethanol. Be careful, check the label and stay away from products containing this chemical (ie. Hotshot, M.S.D.S, redlights, Butoxyethanol).

Avoid buying ammonia-based products to clean urine. One of the ingredients of urine is ammonia. When urine dries the ammonia salts leave an odor that pets repeatedly return to.

Products that are immediately available in your kitchen can work as well. Blot urine stains, then apply a 2% solution of dish soap and water and repeat with vinegar. Pet accidents left untreated may leave yellow carpet stains or the urine can oxidize and react with the dye to bleach the carpet. Color loss may take weeks to happen but it can also happen in days. Pet owners have told us this story. After the stain was removed the odor remained. Consumer products don’t work well enough for odor. Pet owners have told us they tried everything. It’s the odor that attracts pets to the same area.

A professional carpet cleaner can thoroughly clean areas where your pet peed in the past and completely remove the scent to discourage repeating.

Urine-Marking Territory

Q: Why has my pet suddenly began peeing in the house when he didn’t do it before?

A: Usually it is because of feelings of insecurity or a perceived threat. This perceived threat can be the introduction of a new baby getting all the attention, a new pet, a visitor or the smell of other animals on your clothing can trigger a pet to feel the need to mark territory. This doesn’t mean it will become a regular problem. Pets may urinate once or twice and then never do it again.

Pet Hair Got Your Dander?

5 ways to remove furniture frizzies:

Wrap masking tape around a broom handle with the sticky side out and simply roll off the hair. Roll a dozen times before you have to replace the tape.
Use a rubber glove. Put the glove on and run it under a tap to get it wet. Run your finger over the fabric in short strokes.
Use a damp sponge. Rub the sponge in a downward motion over your cushions.
Pet stores carry specially made tools for removing hair including rubber rakes and hair magnets.
You can vacuum the dog – really! A great way to get rid of dog hair before it hits the carpet give your pet a vacuum massage.